Tuesday, June 19, 2007

thyme will tell

As a poor Parisian student, I was on the look out for some healthly cheap food.Of the yogic,vegetarian, hippie variety.No tartare for me,no, no ! There was this hole in the wall behind Place Furstenberg, where I tasted brown rice for the first time, gomazio on my veggies, and to finish it with a flurry, a mug of hot thyme infusion. So simple, so good. It helps your digestion, and makes you happy with its wholesomeness and simplicity.

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  1. Ma chere Pouke,

    Just hopped home from Europa. So much to tell! Also, je viens de lire ton blog de June 6 et OU est-ce que on peut acheter canned wild coho salmon for Pete's sake? Please tell.

    Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah. On a les babyphotos to show!