Monday, June 18, 2007

For the love of food, health,and fun:the free nation of Berkeley

I would vote for Julia Vinograd, the wandering in-house poet, as president.Alice Watters as chief of staff.
Berkeley is a famous little town.Counter culture, natural food mouvement, beautiful setting between water and hills,tolerant, diverse, sophisticated and rebellious, always in search of the latest food trends,, health trends and often with a blend of fun thown in. If you are serving good food from the best natural ingredients, this is what will happen in Berkeley. ICI is a sweet ice cream shop, serving seasonal flavors for the educated palates.( David Lebovitz will be signing his book there next Sunday).Last Saturday, I was bringing desert to some friends' house for dinner, and I made my apricot tart with almonds and lemon thyme.Ice cream choice from ICI: creme fraiche with hazelnut praline and apricot and nectarine sorbet. Those are the kinds of flavors that these wonderful people cook up. no wonder ...
A little further, there was a lot of healthy fun happening right on the sidewalk ! a little holistic karmic massage , and a lively hoola hoop workshop to slim those hips and look so adorable in work out clothes. ICI will get my Ministry of Health, and the new athletic store my vote for education.

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