Monday, June 11, 2007

stone fruit

Who doesn't like stone fruits ? I happen to have a Proustian moment with an apricot. I was about 4 and my mother would take me in the afternoon to the Musee Rodin in Paris where the sculpture gardens were open to toddlers and their care givers to play quietly and cleanly around the pond and the thinking Man. It must have been a warm day in June, time for an afternoon snack, and I bit into the juicest, ripest, the most apricot essence my young life had encountered.It was a surprise, my innocent tongue realized the nature of pleasure, I must have stopped and lingered,and probably wanted more of it....but it was gone.
Now my favorite way to eat apricots is baked in a tart, with a bed of crushed almonds and sugar, dusted with scattering of thyme leaves. or in a jam....
Went to visit June's kitchen with her apricots ready for jamming. then went cherry picking with a group of friends and their children.The leafy branches were studded with black, warm, juicy bing cherries.Big ladders were propped against trunks and buckets were handed to carry the delicious fruit.It was so beautiful to see the fun the children were having, running from tree to tree,filling their bellies with sweetness, feeling free to roam and discover the treasures of nature.

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