Thursday, March 25, 2010


That butternut squash was taking too much space in the crisper for too long. I admit,It is always good to have on hand, for cubing with parsley and garlic as a side dish, for a warming gratin at the end of the week or for that luscious nutty tasting soup that we all love:make it asian with ginger and coconut milk, make it french with creme fraiche, make it spanish with smoked paprika, any wihich way, it is always delicious. But it had to come to an end after all, and make space for the asparagus and strawberries.
without forgetting the tulips:

It is spring , my friends, glorious and vivid, with flowers everywhere, noisy (in a good way) birds,busy squirrels.

Today, I drove to an idyllic valley, south of San francisco, to work in a converted barn. This was a capture of the moment when I stepped outside:

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