Monday, September 28, 2009


une balade is a leisurely taken walk,or drive.Which is what we did. sort of a milestone. first time out in nature in awhile. back to my place of calmness .so strange. the before and after.crossing some sort of looking glass, no backward moves, it is all forward to a life of renewed pleasures and strengh , where the heart is calm and the vision sharpened.

It is also a sense of continuity, you, alive, back in the landscape you cling to in the darkness, you know you are made of soft breaths, but it is still there, welcoming you back.
Significant and I needed to celebrate.
we went to Nick's cove, a restaurant with a terrace over the water.

The weather was unusually hot, and we were seated outside,watching kayakers and geese slide by.
We had a great meal ( organic, local etc).My tomato soup was the best ever: fresh and vibrant as the colors below prove it:

significant made a glowing comment on his cilantro mignonette with lime for his oysters, just plucked from the nearby waters.
What can I say, we live the dream, we live in paradise, don't you think ?
The chocolate orange semifredo with pistacchios lingered on our tongue as we drove home through redwood forests and cow pastures.

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