Thursday, August 20, 2009

ver veine

a little French word pun:
verveine is lemon verbenna, but when you split it, ver means green ( actually spelt vert but said with a silent t) and veine is luck or veine.I prefer luck as in green luck.
Now that the French lesson is over, we can move on to more important matters.
Like a watercolor with a greenish absinthish tint. It is my first attempt at a bigger format( 9x12) .If I sold some of these for a modest sum, I would be a very lucky person.....
Nothing like the company of friends over a cup of homemade verveine tea.
I will have some boxes of my melanges for sale come fall.I call it" plant poetry". If people like them, I will be even more lucky.


  1. i LOVE the splash of colour ! it looks so fresh and quenching. i look forward to owning an original pouké someday SOON !!!