Sunday, August 30, 2009

a california summer day

no cool breezes,no tongues of fog,but a heavy stillness , ripe like a full belly fig or a pile of yellow leaves, hung there.Off to Ubuntu we went,with temperatures around 100o in the land of grapes.Ah.. Ubuntu, a temple of color and taste that makes the eyes widen before the mouth rejoices.Most plates are like art canvases, where an impressionist chef would have casually placed as if with brushstrokes the petals,the droplets, the tiny leaves, to make each dish both visually stunning but also absolutely memorable.The offerings are vegetarian, light enough to not keep you from a meditative afternoon if desired, but satisfying in its just right richness.The melon and lemongrass cold soup starts as a mini meadow in a bowl,where a server pours the creamy rich coconut broth.Heaven.

here is their version of heirloom tomato salad:

or fritters:

So, after my second visit to Ubuntu, I would say to the chef: keep your philosophy, your creativity and style...5 stars !
To my readers:
I will bid good bye for a while, as I am about to face the biggest challenge of my life.When I return, my voice will bring you back to the doorstep of my transformed self.

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