Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Dot brought me this notebook for my upcoming voyage to Paris.And since I am visiting my mother, that sums it up pretty much.
The red geranium is blooming and its single blossom would put any swiss citizen to shame.The terraces of the old wooden chalets are filled, come summer, with bursts of hundreds of red blobs,stating their patriotic pride .That was the ritual of each summer of my childhood upon arriving to the mountain.My grandmother, then mother would go to the market and buy a few pots of red geraniums that would adorn and brighten the front of the house till September.
My favorite colors are black and white, so red is there sometimes, for shock or memory, in small doses.

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  1. Moi aussi, je pense à ta venue et vais t'envoyer Bd Pasteur une (toute) petite liste de choses branchouilles à voir.
    Suis intéressée par le petit livre rouge de Mao
    (oups, Chloë !).
    Tu me le montreras.