Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My mother's day

Dot works on Sunday, so we agree to defer the day to yesterday.The plan: to pick me up to take me to her place where we would have tea and a mom/dot time, then significant would pop over and we would all have dinner together.
First,Dot went to get me my special favorite afternnon tea of the moment ( masala chai from Peets), and arrived with this:

then we drove to her quiet refuge next to climbing favas and gossipy chickens, and had our tea and crumpets in her kitchen

She had made a sweet card, we talked about relationships and books while dipping madeleines.
She showed of her new ring, that fits her wildness:

When significant arrived, she served us some apetizers, styled just so on the plate !

We had a delicious dinner, the rosé was refreshing, we played a little game , she and I had a couple of dance moves before leaving. My heart is full.

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