Monday, December 1, 2008

global week end

First a movie to recommend: Slumdog milllionaire. Made by a Scottish director, set in India, in english and Hindi with subtitles. I was swooned by the movie.The way a movie should move you, transport you, exhilarate you, spellbind you. The energy, and the emotions that the movie carries are beyond words. It is also a romance( I am such a sentimental !), even if it is set in chaos, violence and tragedy. It is wrenching and redemptive the way a Dickens novel is, it is also a work of genius the way art can be. The "destiny" aspect at its core. Even that is a little 19Th century, which is also why I loved it.
Lunch one day was a wild mushroom risotto croquette, with a melange of roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts with rosemary and garlic, served with a red pepper " chutney".
more flying glasses and pitchers....

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