Saturday, December 27, 2008

eggs and candles

When I talked to my mother recently, she complained about the Parisian grey skies, the short dark days,the gloominess of winter. So, I suggested to her" to light some candles, make it a little festive, a tad special, like you used to, with your red candles glowing on the holiday table", but she answered" Oh, it is so funerary..." so, it is , sometimes how you view things, depending of your state of mind, your stage in the life journey. I have always loved candles, I associate them with whispers and kisses, special occasions,our early years of marriage with everyday candlelit diners, a tranquil and peaceful mood listening to Albinoni....
My American family celebrate Hanuka in one day, one meal eaten together, the same every year, with songs and blessings and lighting of the 8 candles.We dimmed the kitchen lights, and had our talk of justice, patience and all.the slim candles burned to nothingness, until next year.

photos by Chloe Halpern

We have been feeling overwhelmed, trying to help Dot find a place to live.She has to move out in a few days, and the pickings were slim.But yesterday, we pushed the little gate and entered the place of refuge that we had hoped to find for her. A big chicken coop in the middle of a vegetable garden, a big orange tree filled with ripe orbs, a row of studio facing the green expanse.The chickens were curious and they gathered by their door, softly squawking.little white fluffy ones, tall oranges, responding to my cooing.Hopefully we sealed the deal and reserved a studio.The owner, went in the coop as we filled the application and gave us the 4 eggs that she had just collected.who knew that such a pastoral existence was possible on San Pablo avenue in Berkeley....

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