Monday, November 5, 2007

egg salad

I do not like eggs.never did.viscous,mostly, when they are " a la coque", in their shells. But for some odd reason, blame it on advancing age or what, but lately I have developped I have a terrible fondness for egg salad sandwich. Me, who doesn't love sandwiches, the way Americans do. I would prefer a tartine, anyday, like another compatriote at:, but after all, I will have this egg salad on an open face and cut it with knife ans fork. There.

Start by getting your olive oil nice and hot, add some smoked paprika powder and salt and plop your peppers (dried, otherwise the oil will splatter) and let them do their caramelization alone for a while,turn after you have checked your e-mails, and at the last minute, scatter some chopped garlic, and toss.In the meantime, cook your eggs a la Julia to get them perfect each time,and mix some mayonnaise, salt and pepper.that is IT.Toast your nice slice of bread, smear your egg concoction,top with a tower of mingling sweet peepers and presto.a delicious, hearty lunch.

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