Tuesday, July 17, 2007

california summer

Here in San Francisco, we play catch with the sun in the summertime.Which is something totally surprising for most europeans when I tell them to bring warm jackets and drizzle gear .But then, on day,you need to see the ocean at all cost. You will brave whatever weather you will find.The fog will linger somewhere and you hope that it will not be where you want to go. So you pack up towels, bathing suits ( to swim in the warmed up little bay up North),extra warm coats and scarfs. You pick up a spicy tortilla soup at the upscale tacqueria on the way out of town,licorice bar in tow just in case , and soon you curve around redwoods and golden hills.The little beach you stop at has dry mussels shells,you toes dig in the coarse sand with absolute delight. You go for a quick invigorating swim, your face splashed by the- it has been so long you practically had forgotten- salty water, you kick, your eyes up to the sky,free.

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