Monday, July 16, 2007


Alfresco means " in the fresh air " which is something I had always craved.Significant will sigh when I open windows in the foggy Bay Area mist, just for a bit of brrezy oxygen wafting through my narrow nostrils.... Back then, after months of crampy meals in a postage stamp parisian kitchen, I was in heaven, come summer, when we would retreat to our mountain abode and I would die of pleasure when we would move the big wood table to the side of the house facing sunset and have dinner,surrounded by the day's end glow, the sun diving behind the mounts and lake, eat, laugh and talk, when darkness and bats would lure us back in finally....So here I am,loving our week end meals in the back yard. Nature surrounds,hummingbirds feast on flowers,cats lounge dipping the tip of their paws in the sun, and my magic fruits grow to absolute perfection.

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