Tuesday, January 30, 2007

versions of pringlos

O.K.not waiting for answers.I am starting it and seeing where I go.
As I said I was made of gluten ,but also of cheese and wine....
Growing up in France in the sixties, everyone knew the jingle" du pain, du vin et du boursin !",nothing more would do.Of course, if you ever had a crispy warm baguette, a bottle of good red and a slab or that rich, creamy, garliky and herby spread, who would want more ???
So,here are two versions of the first recipe of my cookbook "vins et fromages", it is a parmesan tuile, a dainty but substantial appetizer served with a fresh crispy white to conteract the sweetness.like an Asti Spumante, or a Entre deux Mers from Bordeaux.

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