Wednesday, January 17, 2007

nature techno

The road to Sonoma valley was white.The temparature gauge read 27 and ice was transforming the landscape into a frosty white out.every dried out bush seemed like a mother of pear tinted corral reef. I would have to work outside today.But the sun was shining later and the hills assumed their winter coats.
During a break from barbe queing with gloves on and two jackets, I meandered down a path, and saw a sign.Oh well, I do not know if I want to come back in the heat of summer after all.
Later that day, an opening at the Berkeley Art Museum was taking place.We had tickets to the special hors d'oeuvres thing ,thanks to a friend who works there.The show was for Bruce Nauman, a concept artist who did videos of himself walking in his studio around a square with hips outstretched,or covered in either white or black paint, and worked with resin ( odd long turds ),and neon.Crowd was mostly artsy boomers downing merlots and having to listen to a DJ who was screeching his techno beats.

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