Thursday, January 27, 2011

the colors of my life

Funny how colors can brighten a mood, add some spice or give a jolt. I like colors in the natural realm, in the life around me. In my art, my palette is somber. I just buy black and white paint, and sometimes, I mean often, it gives way to grey. For instance, when last week, I looked up and saw this late afternoon sky firing up my kitchen window, I had to capture it

or when I had lunch with a friend at cafe Fanny, I wanted to remember the folds of salmon against the pickled onion,the blue of the water in the glasses and the warm richness of the pear tart

or when last Saturday, Alisson and her partner had a lovely party at their store Home 101.There was champagne served with exotic syrups from June, a guitarist accompanied 2 delicious singers,the yellow walls made the space fresh and warm at the same time.

yes, I love colors, but they scare me too.

But then spring has a weird effect on me, I want to paint nests and birds, and use a lot of lime green. We will see what this spring will do.

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