Tuesday, October 12, 2010

primitive being

I do not want to do a "Gauguin" and leave family and friends behind for some tropical heaven( and paint my life away), but I have to admit it.....I love the islands .Of course living there might be a different and overly quiet existence from a week's vacation but still...the changing colors of nature that I never grew tired of admiring, the warm caresses of the breeze making the heat pleasant and bearable,the luscious ripe fruits, creamy and sweet,
the ocean, always present, always deliciously warm, the pace, more slow and zen: Hawaii is one paradise on earth.
One day, we stopped at a road stand and got some local produce: papayas,limes,sweet onions and a big purple sweet potato. That night I sliced it and boiled it, looking forward to its rich sweetness. It looked strange and made my fingers black from peeling it.It was not as good as hoped unfortunately.We made up for it with home made rum cocktails with fruit juice and lime.

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