Sunday, July 25, 2010


There are two big food companies in a little town in Southern oregon, and I am working for one of them for 2 weeks. It is set in a valley, where the summer heat punches down relentlessly. I drove around yesterday to this small quaint town at the edge of another valley where rolling hills covered in vineyards and orchards hugged low mountains covered in pine forests.stunningly beautiful. Looking at the real estate offerings in a couple of business in town, I could quickly see the difference with the Bay Area: 6 rolling acres, 2 story wood structure house, view etc... $ 450.000......But then, it is isolated, and too hot for some ... but I like the heat, it quickly makes me fall into a vacation mode, with breakfast outdoors, and air conditionning in the car,ice water, life in tank tops and flip flops.

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