Friday, April 2, 2010

mellow yellow

Colors are a big guides in my inspiration, even though it is the muteness of greys, whites and blacks that I favor in my art. But when you work with food, you have to deal with colors :the intensity, the freshness, the appetite appeal, the composition on the plate, it is a lot about colors.
I have noticed a lot of yellows last week end as I ambled through stores aisles in search of Ed Hardy streetware clothing, a request from someone in Paris that I will see next week.
It is mostly of the daffodil tone, eye popping and springlike. I have to admit that I do not owned one thing that bright ( oh no: I have a bright yellow mexican lime squeezer!), but if you look hard, there might be a pale butter yellow top somewhere.
Yellow in food has a visual richness , but being a cool color, it evokes freshness too.
rich, fresh,fun.... Donovan knew it back then.....


  1. Pouke,
    I LOVE the yellows - they really do feel like Spring. Saffron and mussles... I am inspired and hungry!