Thursday, December 31, 2009

chante( the praise of the)relles

A friend biking through the Berkeley hills found these amazing specimens of the delicious chanterelles mushrooms( the big ones are 6 inches across). Very generously he dropped a bag full ( about 2lb !) of them.Pretty and delicately scented, they might go into quesadillas, after being sauteed in butter and shallots, yes Julia, I am with you on that one, no substitute.Or a risotto, or a soup, or all 3 since there is so much of them.thanks N !
Happy new year. Do not know about you, but cannot wait until 2010.....

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  1. Merci pour l'inspiration! I'm making soup tonight - with chanterelles (for which I had to shell out,sadly. Where can I find a friend who drops such jewels into my lap, unsolicited?)