Wednesday, March 25, 2009

garnish or not ?

As I was saying about shoulder pads and strobe or sun shadows, fads come and go, style dictate our buying decisions,and new replaces the old that replaced the new.... When I started food styling, it was all about the pretty garnish. I would spend hours scouring farmers' markets, obscure ethic stores,and public gardens in search of the unique, the freshest, the required zucchini blossoms, fruits on the branch or borage was a lot for the lushness of the look and the newness of ingredients, some,suddenly rediscovered. I wondered often how easy it was to find these things for the average consumer .....Now, we are in a no garnish phase.Food as is, as you would cook it for your own diner: appetizing,yes, but straightforward,honest,simple and a bit messy.
But then, there are times where simplicity screams for bold details, like a scarf around a purse handles,or a thick lemon slice that will bring a different color to a plate and make it mouth watering. Which brings me to this shot of a simple green soup of leek and peas with..garnish. so garnish or not ?

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