Tuesday, September 2, 2008

slow week end

San Francisco was the host city to a mega celebration of artisan made food, the slow way, the hand made way, the seasonal way.I quickly sniffed a rotting mackerel. The concept is good of course, but America being it itself, it had to put on a giant 3 day event,with 60 000 people expected to wait in line for a tasting of what I can buy easily at my Farmers market, thank you. I have been a slow food shopper ( and cook) for over 20 years ( even longer if I count the hippies years of bulk grains and home made yogurt) and growing up in the skirts of French mother and grand mother, I know how to appreciate food the way it is intended.
My friend J, who make the most delicious preserves, syrups,fruit cheeses etc conterattacked with her own slow food fringe event, she felts that one had to see the hand made , artisan food made, live as we say. her are some images from my visit to her kitchen as I moved slowly from one table to the next, talking to friends and sampling her creations (the fresh currant grapes in the fennel syrup was otherwordly).

The weather was beautiful, which enticed the body to go slow.Outside long lunches, gardening, and walk on the side of the Pacific, massages listening to Carla Bruni last CD, reading "the plegue" by Camus, cooking the slow way some amazing shelling beans from this wonderful farmer from Bolinas, Annabelle( saute a mirepoix of celery, shallots,carrots,thyme, bay leaf, add the fresh beans and braise in a organic vegetable broth).A kind neighbor brought a flat of apples from her back yard and we ate some slowly, relishing the sweet juices and the crisp bite.

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