Friday, May 2, 2008

going super green

a most wonderful day in Napa the other day with a stop at UBUNTU where J and I had lunch after a yoga class.The food speaks for itself in these images.Beauty of ingredients, done with care, attention and lightness,beauty of presentation, and balance in the tastes and texture.very good , very very good indeed.
It was a busy day, and when I returned home, there was only time to put together my beet borsch previously cooked.

Beet Borsch:
peel beets, put them in water just enough to cover. add salt, dash of raspberry vinegar.cook until beets and pour back in "beet broth" adding lemon juice, more salt if needed, more vinegar if needed,top with yogurt, dill and a dash of 'piment d'espelette".savor.

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