Friday, February 15, 2008

a date with love

My father used to say that the family dictate of old went something like" only love will do".He indeed fell in love with my mom at first sight when they were teens, and stayed in love until his death.This is my heritage, my ascendant in the house of cupid. I remember, as a single young woman walking the quiet avenues of Paris saying to myself" I want to be in love !!!!!".No other drug, or alcohol were necessary( we were getting drunk on love instead, and we had no money !).But then, I met significant, who knew what a little nip of Cointreau would do, and what would bring a sudden knitting of fingers, or kisses that would go on for hours....What was a student life, became a living together life,and then a married life, glam Dot came and went .The date with love goes on...

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