Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I love black

licorice, caviar,dark chocolate...squid ink a little less, so when I saw this decadent black cake, I had at least to photograph it. The shop is cavernous and theatrical, with wide expanses of muslin curtains pushed slighly aside to let you in the one way shop experience.I bought delicious chestnut honey madeleines with a higher butter quotient than most hearts can take, a Jackson Polock mosaic of guimauve ( french marshmallow) with splattered chocolate and mint, tiny wild herbs savory souffles, and bite size green tea financiers that will make you close your eyes.....The shop has also numerous unusual breads, jams, pastries,chocolates.It is called " du pain et des gateaux" ( breads and cakes) and it is on Bd Pasteur , in the 15th arrondissement. a must check.

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