Thursday, August 30, 2007

melons and peppers

HAAAAA, the eating of melons.....In France, the reverence goes to the famous "melon de cavaillon" a little town of Provence. It is prized for its unique fragrance and heady taste, and the juicy-ness of its flesh. But I love all melons.My father, a lover of melons himself,would choose carefully his melons by the famous thumb pressure at the stem, and the ritual sniffing at he other end to inhale its sweetness.Ripe ? yes, perfect, preferably served as a lunch first course, either filled with sherry ( if served as a small half) or with a dash of black pepper, to enhance further the sugar.
Now enter the FRUIT pepper, generously brought back by J from a trip to Holland this summer.Since I cannot read the ingredients list, it seems to be made of a medley of dry berries,pink peppercorns and coarse sugar. I had to try it on a sharlyn melon and it was not only pretty but absolutely delicious with a hint of heat which is the natural complement to the pleasure of eating melons in the summertime......

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