Friday, April 13, 2007

love, beauty,style and FOOD

In my last entry, I showed a window display of a new bakery.Pierre Herme had set the tone a decade or so ago, with his original miniature store, black laquered, where cakes were displayed as art in showcase drawers, making each creation a food' couturier" piece to admire, and eat.My all time favorite of his is the Ispahan macaron; a shocking pink cookie with a filling of rose essence, lichis and fresh raspberries,topped with a red rose petal !. So it is no surprise to see disciples sprouting in the most unlikely places,where,baking has become an art, where the master's creation( here a religieuse of rose and violet) become a seductive bauble, beautiful and delicious.This is the new age of reverence toward the best and most unique ingredients,presented in the new church of love, beauty, style and food.
To get back to the love part, I was taken by this graffiti, and by the hour and a half smooching session next to us as this newly married couple couldn't keep their mouth unlocked and their hands on their forks for more than 10 seconds....Ah Paris....

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