Tuesday, March 6, 2007

the sensualist

My French mother wrinkles her nose when she describes her compatriots and call them" des raleurs et des jouissseurs" which means complainers and pleasure seakers. I guess I fit the profile quite nicely.You cannot reject your inherited DNA. Reading a historical time line of France during the 19th century, I was horrified by the constant struggles, wars, unrests.But I have to say that I love to see people march down the boulevards and protest,voicing their disgust or their support.Last year, in the bitter cold of a parisian winter, I was carried by the enormous crowds ,wanting justice for a young jewish man kidnapped and tortured and killed brutally. When do people here manifest their displeasure, and complain about injustices and violence ? there is a voice, but it remains low.On the other hand, I saw a lot of people out last week end shopping, seemingly on a very important mission for the quickness of their steps out of the parking lot.
Now about the pleasure seekers.Yes, the French have 6 weeks vacations, and the country seems to be running O.K.Vacations and travels are indeed a big topic, but honestly what can be better: it is life as it should be lived: a feast for the senses, a pace we should acquire, a discovery of new tastes and horizons, meals that go on the way they should,a litttle wine to enhance the pleasure , friends to visit and new ones to link with.
Next week I return to the land of my dear raleurs and jouisseurs.

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